Help for the Homeless

Step By Step Womens Organization has supported and organized several programs to give back to the community and take on the issue of homelessness. This year has been unprecedented in the need for our community.

Currently, we have set a monetary goal of $10,000 to reach so that we can fund our programs and provide the basic needs and necessities of those who are in and suffer from homelessness. We are in need of financial partners – both individual and business. Giving financially is the most beneficial as we can use it to directly make an impact where needs change and resources aren’t there for certain needs.

We have registered with Walmart’s Registry for Good that provides a direct link to purchase items we use to supply the homeless and various other programs we may actively be involved in. Please visit today to make that purchase and become a direct partner with us!

If you are willing and interested in giving to this goal – we need you! We need partners that are able to give and be partakers of this great cause. The things that we take for granted everyday, someone doesn’t have the luxury not to worry about: A shelter over them, food to eat, a shower to use, heat to stay warm, or a pillow to lay their heads on.

Please contact us directly on our office phone: 910-893-9100, via our website, or on our Facebook.

We look forward to becoming partners with you so that we can take on these issues in our communities to help and change for the better!