Step By Step has impacted the lives of many women, of different ages, and in several ways. Below are women who have attended, joined, and gone through Step By Step’s program and are willing to share what they have experienced.


“Step By Step has changed my life tremendously. Step By Step has been the hammer driving the nail into the walls of my life. It has been the tool that has driven me into a new and prosperous me. I feel more confident; I feel like I have purpose. By attending Step By Step workshops, I have learned how to remove chains in my life. First, I learned to love me (that was the biggest chain), then I learned to speak up and not be ashamed of who I am. I am better! A better woman, mother, and wife. I have learned after two marriages (this being my third) how to be a wife. I learned how to stand, work hard, stay, and pray. In order to change all that, I realized it truly begins with me. I know now that when I change, everything around me changes. I enjoy being a member of Step By Step. Step By Step was the missing tool that I needed in my life to become a whole woman.”

– Trina, Erwin, NC

“I joined Step By Step 6 years ago. Since attending my first workshop, I have been able to accomplish many things I never thought possible. Being a single-mother, high-school drop-out, having a criminal background, and no guidance to know what to do… Step By Step showed me a way to change and become a better woman by looking in the mirror at myself. I am now able to say I am a college graduate with two degrees, employed, married, and great mother. The hands-on work and real life issues that Step By Steps deals with made the biggest difference in my life!”

Kady, Wendell, NC

“The truth hurts but when you are given the guidance of becoming a woman of stature, the truth is wonderful. In attending Step by step, I was able to build a foundation that will break generational curses of negativity, blame, and disgrace. Thank you Pastor Cathy for giving a life that is worth living.”

– Latoya, Raleigh, NC

“Step By Step helped me turn my life around. I was on a dark path doing all the wrong things and wanted to die. But through Step By Step’s program I learned so many life changing things. I quit smoking, drinking, and running the streets. Now I have a beautiful family, wonderful husband, and am enrolled in college.”

– Tamara, Raleigh, NC